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My DSLR Kit – Canon for Beginners

All entry level DSLRs come with auto and scene modes, to help familiarize users moving from the point-and-shoot digital cameras. Of course they also have full manual control and other features that a higher level DSLRs is capable of for when you want to move beyond “green rectangle”.

Here is 4 kits for beginners, who switching to DSLR. Each kit consists of a DSLR camera, a list of lenses to begin with and the budget. Continue reading

Compact Cameras in Pink

Let’s talk about digital point and shoot or compact cameras. Why pink? Do you remember the Aerosmith song: “Pink is a color of passion… Pink just goes with the fashion…”? The point and shoot cameras are inexpensive but very functional and fun to use gifts for example on coming up St. Valentin’s day. By the way pink camera is easy to find in a dark bag or purse. Continue reading